What To Look For In A Home Treadmill

Anyone can join a gym to work out on a treadmill, but nothing beats the convenience of being able to work out at home. A good treadmill is not a cheap investment, so buyers should make sure they're getting the most for their money. The following are some tips for choosing the right treadmill.

Choose According To Purpose

Treadmills have different features for different types of exercise, so it's important to shop with a purpose in mind. Runners, for example, need to look for treadmills with a high horsepower (hp) and a high maximum speed. Walkers, on the other, need less speed and less power. People who are buying a treadmill for the purpose of losing weight need a heart rate monitoring feature as well as a readout showing the calories burned per session.

Choose According To Stride

Another thing to take into consideration is stride length. While short treadmills may look like a great space-saving option, the moving belt needs to be 48 inches long at minimum. Taller people and runners need longer belts, anywhere from 54 to 60 inches in length.

Choose A Sturdy Machine

Treadmills take a lot of impact, so they need to be sturdy in order to last a long time. One feature to look for is a thick belt, which will wear out much more slowly than a thin belt. It also eases the impact on the feet and legs. Another thing to look for is the power of the motor, since stronger motors are more durable than weaker ones. A 3 hp motor is strong enough for both walking and running and will last for a long time.

Choose A Treadmill With Extra Features

There are several extra features that can make a treadmill workout much more pleasant. Using an installed music player or plugging in a smart phone and using a music app is a great way to keep energy up. A television screen built into a treadmill can also help the time go by faster. A fan can keep a runner cool during an intense workout. Other features offer health and fitness benefits, like a continuous heart rate monitor and the ability to customize workouts.

Reading reviews can be a great way to identify the best treadmills on the market and find out more about their distinct features. Visit Unison Fitness to view treadmills for all types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to get a great workout at home.